Services We Offer

  • Anti-Aging Healthy Visit

    • IV Glutathione

    • IV NAD+

    • IV Ozone

    • PRP

    • PO anti-aging cocktail

  • Adrenal/ fatigue Drip

  • Anti-Oxidant infusion

  • Bioidentical Hormones 

  • Boosting immune system 

  • Chelation

  • Heavy Metal Detox

  • LDN

  • Mood lifting Drip

  • Multi-Vitamin drip (Myers Cocktail)

  • NAD+ Drip

  • Ozone Therapy ( Dr. Lahodny technique)

  • PRP

  • Weight loss Program 


Heavy Metal Detox

When you go to a dentist, they mix and place the amalgam in the mouth and whatever is not used or whatever is drilled out must be disposed of according to precise directives.



Fibromyalgia is a syndrome in which a person has chronic, non-specific body pains in the joints, muscles, and other soft tissues.


Major Autohemotherapy

In this Master Class, Dr. Lahodny will teach and demonstrate the High Dose Ozone therapy (HDO) with live patients, allowing for hands-on learning for the participants.


IV Ozone Therapy

Major Autohemotherapy involves the injection of medical grade ozone gas into blood drawn from a person.


Weight Loss

The diet I found most effective and easy-to-follow for most patients is the low carb diet.