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You can’t do anything about aging, but you can extend your life years longer and certainly take control of your health and look and feel your best with modern anti-aging medicine care. Both Soheila Torabi, MD and Nana Barseghian, MD use their extensive training in anti-aging and preventive medicine to help you start your path toward improved wellness.


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Anti-Aging Medicine Q & A

What is anti-aging medicine?

Anti-aging medicine involves helping you live a healthier and longer life through personalized and customized medicine. The phrase “anti-aging” relates to the application of advanced biomedical diagnostic and treatment therapies that focus on early detection, prevention, and treatment of age-related diseases plus anti aging cocktail treatment. Anti-aging medicine is based on proven principles of complementary and alternative medicine, as well as western medicine therapies. Methods involve caring for you as a whole person, rather than treating a specific concern, condition, or symptom.

​Why does risk of chronic disease increase with age?

As you age, metabolic processes start slowing down or failing, although each cell and each organ ages at a different rate. Many issues and chronic diseases associated with aging are related to heavy metal in your body also decreased hormone levels, which is why your anti-aging practitioner is likely to start monitoring your hormone levels and heavy metal levels after your consultation.

Risk of chronic diseases also increases with age due to:

  • Cell oxidation and increase in free radicals

  • Increased cell and tissue wear and tear

  • Decreased ability of cells to repair and recover

  • Decreased immune function

Which treatments are included in my anti-aging medicine plan?

As anti-aging medicine experts, Dr. Torabi and Dr. Barseghian strive to diagnose and detect early warning signs of chronic diseases through laboratory testing, physical examinations, and imaging studies (if needed). They can also help you better manage any conditions you currently have.

Depending on your overall health and any underlying issues or concerns, your anti-aging medicine plan could include:

  • Heavy metal detox ( Lead, Mercury, Arsenic, Cadmium )

  • Heavy metal in body will cause low energy, memory loss, low sex drive, weight gain, depression, stress, insomnia, kidney and heart damage.

  • Weight-loss management.

  • Hormone replacement therapy, ( Bio identical hormones, Testosterone replacement, HGH replacement )

  • Customized weight management

  • Dietary supplement counseling

  • FDA approved weight loss medication.

​Since the focus of anti-aging medicine involves improved overall wellness and preventive care, no two treatment plans are the same: you’re treated as an individual. Book your evaluation at Soho AntiAging to get started on your anti-aging care plan.