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Dr. Torabi, Dr. Barseghian and Dr Fred Hui ( mentor ) are integrated practitioners who combine conventional, Integrative and alternative therapies in treating patients and utilizes all stated modalities of diagnosis.

They  do not treat your symptoms alone but take time to address the root cause of any medical problem including Heavy Metal Detox . Even though you may come in for a simple headache,  they will tailor their approach by addressing the underlying factors (such as examining your teeth, your jaw alignment and your neck’s range of motion) and eventually treating the body as a whole. They believe that seemingly unrelated body functions are actually interrelated. (No one can be at peace, until the rest of the closely-knit family are in peace). Most of their patients have observed that their treatment plan is a lot more extensive than what a regular specialist would recommend. This is also the reason why their  initial consultation is longer than the medical visits you have experienced before.

Their main goal is to optimize your health holistically and allow you to achieve a balanced life. They possesses an arsenal of treatment solutions that are both rational and cost-effective.

  • Soheila Torabi, MD

  • Fred Hui, MD

  • Nana Barseghian, MD

Frequently asked questions

What will I bring on my initial consultation?

Previous lab results and medical records (if any)

List of current medications and supplements

Answered patient’s questionnaire

What should I expect on my first consultation?

As you enter the clinic, you need to inform our front desk secretary and sign in to our patient sheet.

You will be asked to fill up a registration form and sign a consent form.

Initial consultation lasts for one to two hours. You will be initially seen by a clinic assistant who will complete your history and physical examination. Thereafter, Dr. Hui, Dr. Torabi Or Dr. Barseghian will see you and will confirm the information gathered and give his/ her corresponding recommendations.

Since we are using EMR (electronic medical recording), an assistant will be transcribing for doctor during your consultation.

You will be provided educational materials to help you better understand your treatment.

You will be provided a request for general lab work, you will be informed once results are received.

You will be provided a copy of The medical instructions; you will bring it to our secretary for further assistance.

– All billing transactions are done with the secretary

What are the fees I need to pay for?

Supplements are available in our office (priced individually)

Receipts will be provided which can be used for you health insurance and at the end of the year for income tax purposes.

- Ozone injection (if recommended)

- Ozone IV infusion

Follow up visit

Initial visit

What type of payment do we accept?





What will I do next after my initial visit?

You need to secure an appointment schedule for your next visit with the secretary

You need to complete the requested laboratory tests prior to your next visit. Usually your lab results come in after 4-7 working days. Special lab test results require more time to be processed (2 weeks or more). Copies of your laboratory results and other investigations will be provided to you on your next visit.

If an IV treatment is recommended, you need to coordinate with the secretary of your preferred treatment centre.

What happens if I missed my appointment schedule?

There is a charge for missed appointments if you do not give a 24 hours cancellation notice (business day only): $250 for missed initial consultations; $85 for missed follow up consultations.

– The secretary will assist you in rebooking for a new schedule

How can I secure an appointment for IV treatment?

Patient’s clinical records are stored electronically and can be accessed.

Each IV treatment protocol is specifically tailored to the patient’s needs

Doctors recommendation is strictly required before commencing an IV treatment protocol

You can secure an appointment at your preferred location by calling their contact numbers.

You are required to give a 24 hours cancellation notice .

For IV appointments, Plan enough time so that we can finish your intravenous treatment by our closing time.

What should I do prior to getting an intravenous treatment?

Drink lots of fluids

Don’t drink coffee( caffeine is a diuretic and an indirect vasoconstrictor

Have a full meal

Refrain from wearing scented products

How long is an IV treatment?

IV treatments can run for 1 ½ – 3 hours depending on the active component and patient’s course and reaction during the procedure.

How much is an IV treatment?

IV treatment costs $150.00/session; no tax added (more if there are additional nutrients/components added)

Vitamin drip costs $150.00; no tax added.

How do you monitor my clinical response to IV treatment?

We will re-evaluate your progress at the middle of the recommended treatment course.

Staff progress notes are completed after each IV treatment; Dr. Hui evaluates them from time to time

– Laboratory tests are requested as necessary and results are correlated clinically

Can you be our Family Physician?

We practice Integrative/ Holistic / Complementary medicine. We do not provide primary care.

It is recommended that you maintain a relationship with a Family physician for on-going primary care.

– However, We are willing to collaborate with your attending Family physician

Am I meeting other people aside from you during my first visit?

We are passionate educators and often revered by others because of our remarkable insights. You may expect other health care providers or students who will be observing with us. These may include medical doctors, naturopathic physicians and acupuncturists. We will introduce them to you and request your permission before allowing them to be present during the consultation. You have the liberty to decline if you are not comfortable having them around.

How do I secure copy of my medical records in case my Family Doctor/ Specialist/ Insurance Company ask for it?

Your consent is required in order to access and disclose your personal health information contained in your medical record.

Your personal health information may be disclosed without consent when law requires it. It can be disclosed within the members of your health care providers only when warranted.

For the preparation and transfer of your medical records, there is a service fee of $30.00 for the first 20 pages and 5 cents per page added.

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