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Dr. Torabi, Dr. Barseghian and Dr Fred Hui ( mentor ) are integrated practitioners who combine conventional, Integrative and alternative therapies in treating patients and utilizes all stated modalities of diagnosis.

They  do not treat your symptoms alone but take time to address the root cause of any medical problem including Heavy Metal Detox . Even though you may come in for a simple headache,  they will tailor their approach by addressing the underlying factors (such as examining your teeth, your jaw alignment and your neck’s range of motion) and eventually treating the body as a whole. They believe that seemingly unrelated body functions are actually interrelated. (No one can be at peace, until the rest of the closely-knit family are in peace). Most of their patients have observed that their treatment plan is a lot more extensive than what a regular specialist would recommend. This is also the reason why their  initial consultation is longer than the medical visits you have experienced before.

Their main goal is to optimize your health holistically and allow you to achieve a balanced life. They possesses an arsenal of treatment solutions that are both rational and cost-effective.

  • Soheila Torabi, MD

  • Fred Hui, MD

  • Nana Barseghian, MD

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